I really hate you, epilepsy!

So I had taken a small break from blogging, as things were going so well of late, we have been living life to the full and enjoying every moment with our little dude, Harrison! Following a very traumatic visit to the emergency vets a few months ago we ended up on some medication which seemed to be really making a difference. Harrison had a good clean run of 69 days seizure free, which we never thought possible at once stage things got so bad! It enabled him to become much more settled and really gave us time to get some solid training in, so he is developing into a really gorgeous and (mostly) obedient pooch. But sadly, whilst on a lovely little family holiday in the Lake District last week (absolutely breathtaking – make sure you go up there, if you haven’t yet!) Harrison started seizing Friday night after a long walk round Langdale Pikes and the aptly named, Harrison Stickle!

Of course we had gone on holiday prepared for any eventuality, so when the moment came we saw the signs immediately and knew just what to do. Luckily we were back at the hotel so had quick access to everything we needed such as an electric fan, small confined space, copious amounts of his kibble and ice cubes. Thanks to the lovely staff at the Shap Wells Hotel who acted quickly in our time of need!

On our arrival home we called the vet to restock our diazepam, then after we picked it up yesterday I had to use it again this morning as Harrison had more seizures just 4 days later. I was home alone and managed to quickly grab the diazepam and act fast enough so he only had a cluster of 3 this time. Poor little baby is recovering now after lots of food, water and 2 hours of wobbling about.

So this is just a little post for therapeutic purposes as I sit here, ankle swollen and throbbing from falling down the stairs right after him this morning  as I tried to grab him frantically before he fell. Poor baby. Canine epilepsy, you really are THE WORST!