Where do we go from here?

It’s been a while since my last post. We have been busy implementing the new medication plan, desperately trying to get Harrison’s condition under control and its been such a tough few weeks. Everything is new territory for us; new signals, warning signs, patterns, different behaviours, different seizure characteristics – it’s all completely new.

He had a few seizures whilst we were at work too, so we had to get a full time dog-sitter in which is very expensive, but we thought we’d stick with it for now whilst we try to get things to a manageable level at least and were advised by the neuro to minimise stress* as much as possible (*separation anxiety). The aim being to reduce the dog-sitting hours over time as his seizures strike less often.

I’m afraid we’re not quite there yet though, things are still very much in progress. We’ve not managed to reach a good stable, control level with his meds and have to keep fine tuning things. But overall, it is not looking good at the moment.

We’re pleased that his seizures have definitely become less violent, he recovers more quickly and he is only suffering 1 at a time now, rather than clustering into several. Which is good progress. But the frequency remains too often still, with seizures occurring every few days. Even the specialist is concerned and surprised by the fact he keeps on having seizures with all the meds he’s on. He’s a unique specimen that’s for sure! Poor little boy.

We’d already accepted when we started with the specialist early September that by Christmas we believe this will be sorted one way or another, his condition will either be under control or he wont be with us any longer. Its horrible to think like that, but I think we have already come to terms with it now. I am feeling less optimistic than before, as the specialist is so surprised his fits continue 😦

3 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?”

  1. “Liking” this post made me feel so sad, but I so appreciate your sharing. Two weeks after adopting my puppy mill rescue, she started having seizures and has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. After 11 days being on meds, she is doing well but I know how terrifying and heartbreaking this terrible disease can take its toll on both the pet and parent. I send my loving thoughts and prayers that your boy will improve soon. ღ

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    1. oh I know what you mean, we need different responses like Facebook now has! 🙂 Thank you and thanks for reading. It helps me to write my thoughts and I take some comfort sharing experience, insights, info for anyone else who may be coping with this hell! It’s a truly horrific condition to witness and manage, especially if its a complex case like we have. Hope you get good progress with your baby on the meds.

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