Harrison had another seizure this morning, so it looks like even with his most recent med zonisamide being added he’s still on his every 3-4 days seizure pattern. We almost discounted the last 2 seizures whilst we waited for the drug to take effect (5 days, apparently), but today’s event confirms our worst fears really. However, we could blame it on the clocks changing etc, but we know we’re kidding ourselves.

So we have about 2-3 weeks of food and medication left and we know we’ll need to reduce his phenobarbitone anyway due to his levels being too high at the moment. If his seizure frequency or severity increases a lot as a result of that then we know we have to act quickly, otherwise we just have to carry on as we are until we know the time is right. I don’t think it will be very long, unfortunately.

Feeling very sad and hopeless now, I wish there was something more we could do, but we have tried everything it seems and nothing is helping, so don’t want to run the risk of doing anything which is unfair or cruel, or just prolonging the inevitable any further.

3 thoughts on “Confirmation”

  1. I am just broken hearted at this news. So very sorry. You’ve done everything you could possibly do with your boy but sadly, it doesn’t seem enough to have made a difference. When Elsa was diagnosed with epilepsy last month, the vet recommended adding CBD oil to go with an increased dose of Phenobarbital. While it’s been only 16 days since the last seizure, it seems to have made all the difference the world. Knock on wood, we have had no additional seizures. Good luck and know I’m thinking of you. ღ

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    1. thank you 🙂 I haven’t given up hope, I have been talking to a couple of people who have had dogs with very severe epilepsy and they have given me a more optimistic outlook. Essentially, we have nothing to lose so might as well try a few more remedies. In the process of contacting holistic vets now as we speak xx

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