Fantastic Photographer!

It’s been almost 2 months since we said goodbye to Harrison.

It hasn’t gotten any easier. But I have begun to accept that it never really does, you just find a way to carry on, even though the hurt is still there. It never fades at all, not one tiny bit. You just get better at distracting yourself and keeping your mind busy. But as soon as you focus on the fact he isn’t there anymore, or there is a memory or reminder at the forefront of your mind, the feeling consumes you. A weird mix of happiness and sadness. Happy to remember him and all the good times, but so so sad to be living with such a big void in our lives now.

After a particularly bad weekend where he was really suffering with his epilepsy we knew the time had come. Once we had reached the decision to say goodbye we quickly arranged for a photographer to come and capture some nice moments, so that we had some really high quality images to remember him but and not just the mobile phone snaps and videos we already had. Don’t get me wrong, we had loads of great shots, but really wanted some high quality images to have printed, framed and displayed around the house.

I contacted a few local-ish photographers and finally found Tracey. I knew straight away I wanted her to take the photos ahead of everyone else I had spoken to. She was very quick to respond to my initial enquiry and provided regular updates with a very personable, friendly and professional approach, whilst also applying the necessary sympathy and sensitivity given the circumstances. We are thrilled with the photo shoot results and decided to buy all the images from her. We received them on a USB stick, which came packaged in a lovely presentation box with Harrison’s name on, which was a lovely additional touch as well.

Tracey’s website:

The shoot itself was relaxed and easy-going, we just went for a walk in the woods and poor Tracey had a pretty tough job with Harrison, as he was not a very patient or calm model (or dog in general, ha!) the final results are fantastic and we have some really beautiful images to keep and remember him by. It goes without saying, it was an emotional shoot and even more emotional to receive the images and view them all – it still is now. Tracey was aware of our situation as I wanted to be honest when approaching any photographers, but she agreed to take the job on even though it was pretty sad for her too, as a dog lover and animal lover in general. We’ll be forever grateful.

What I have learned from this experience is to get the photo shoot done, no matter what! This was arranged under sad circumstances, but for our future dogs we will definitely do the same again just to have some beautiful moments captured (but hopefully years before we have to say goodbye!)

There are so many good pics, but here’s a few of my favourites (the newly updated header image for the blog is another one too 🙂 ).

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