A Happy Tail: From dog’s home to forever home.

Allow me to introduce Harrison…and what a gorgeous little pooch he is! He’s a pointer weimaraner cross (which I have since learned can be referred to as a “pointeraner”) 🙂

He came to live with us on 3rd October 2015. He has a lovely brown, short-haired coat, with a white flecked paw & chest.


After a  few weeks of intense searching we spotted him at the Dogs Trust on 24th September,  and decided there and then we wanted to bring him home, we just had to wait a few days for the formalities to be completed. His original name was Tyrion (yes Tyrion, Game of Thrones fans!) but we thought we’d feel a bit stupid shouting that across a field, so decided to change it. He’s named after the (best) member of The Beatles, George Harrison. As the name still contained 3 syllables, he already responded to Harrison from day one and so that was that!

Harrison’s history is relatively unknown. We know he was born December 2014 and was found as a stray in Ireland at around 3 months old. He lived in kennels over in Ireland until he was moved to our local Dogs Trust centre at Roden, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Shortly after we spotted him brought him home to live with us, aged 10 months by this point. He was underweight, attention starved, in need of all basic training, needed house training, a tad on the hyperactive side and he also had very weak back legs, due to lack of exercise and under developed muscles having been kenneled all his life. He didn’t even really know how to run, or how to be a dog really.That’s still work in progress! His tail was also docked (probably illegally and hopefully humanely, but who knows?).

This blog is to document our journey,  as it’s been a very challenging process taking in a rescue dog! Way more challenging than we had ever imagined, then we discovered some additional health problems to further complicate things. I am hoping that our story and the contents of this blog will be informative, or at the very least comforting to anyone who may be experiencing the same or similar with their dog. You can read our story and turbulent journey here. Thank you for reading 🙂

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